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Vitamins cannot treat COVID-19

Vitamins cannot treat COVID-19

At the beginning of the pandemic, doctors and health care providers began experimenting with .a variety of vitamins and supplements as potential treatments for coronavirus

A new study of data from coronavirus patients admitted to hospitals by researchers at Toledo University found that taking immunity-boosting supplements and vitamins do not treat coronavirus and do not reduce your chance of dying

.Recently, some have promoted supplements as an alternative to safe and proven vaccines

However, Dr Azizullah Beran said that there is little evidence to indicate the success of those strategies, although there is considerable interest in them

Beran, a resident internal physician at Toledo University's School of Medicine and Life Sciences, said: "Many people have this misconception that if you take zinc, vitamin D or .vitamin C, it can help the patient improve faster. "But this has not proved to be true"

Beran is the author of the new research that significantly strengthens the medical consensus .that dietary supplements are not effective treatment for coronavirus

He and his collaborators reviewed 26 peer-reviewed studies from around the world involving .more than 600 coronavirus patients in hospitals

Their analysis found no decrease in mortality for those treated with vitamin D, vitamin C or .zinc

Compared to patients who have not received one of these three supplements.

Their analysis found that vitamin D treatment resulted in a lower length of hospitalization,

What researchers say

But researchers say that a more thorough study is needed to validate this result.

They also found that vitamin C and zinc treatment did not result in a reduced length of hospital stay or a reduced chance of placing the patient on the respirator.

While the study was conducted on people who took supplements after contracting the virus and entering the hospital,

Researchers studied a smaller group of individuals who were taking vitamin D before contracting the virus. They found no significant difference in these people's mortality rate either.

This research was published in the Journal of Clinical Nutrition ESPEN.

"It is important for people to understand that taking these supplements will not always lead to better outcomes."

What is the coronavirus treatment?

Dr. Ragheb Assaly, Professor of Medicine and senior author of the research, said. The other important message is

"The cure for this disease is the vaccine. Supplements and vitamins will not compensate for vaccination or make you not need a vaccine " Researchers warn that the study should not be interpreted as saying that vitamins and supplements are bad or should be avoided, We should make it clear that they are not effective in preventing coronavirus deaths. Some coronavirus patients with malnutrition or vitamin deficiencies may benefit from taking supplements. But that's because their bodies already lack essential nutrients - not because vitamin D or vitamin C are effective against the virus. Beran said: "What we're saying is: If you don't need these supplements, don't take them and think they're protecting you from coronavirus, "They won't stop you from getting infected with the virus and they won't stop you from dying."