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Instructions after tooth removal

After taking off the tooth, blood should clot in the place of the tooth until the bleeding stands and the healing process begins.

That's why the dentist asks you to abide by (instructions after taking off the tooth) such as trespassing a piece of gauze for a full hour after tooth removal. If the bleeding persists, the patient must change the piece of gauze and bite it again steadily for another 30 minutes. And you may need to do these steps a few times.

The following instructions must be adhered to to accelerate the healing process. But note that it is normal to experience some discomfort (minor pain) and swelling after surgical extraction.

Extraction Day Instructions

1. The gauze remains under pressure at the place of extraction for a full hour and, as far as possible, try not to change it with another gauze or move it from its place before the hour and replace it after an hour with another gauze if the bleeding remains.

2. Stay away from smoke or hookah for three days and do not neglect this and avoid blowing or using sucker or the like.

3. Do not try to move or touch the wound location with your tongue or finger.

4. Never bite or spit on the first day.

5. On the first day of extraction to drink hot water or hot drinks.

6. It is okay to drink cold water without an aspect or eat cold on the first day of tooth removal.

7. On the first day of extraction you have to rest and stay away from violent activities and when you lie down, you prefer to lift the head on more than one pillow if you can keep the head high from the body, which will relieve bleeding.

8. Avoid brushing your teeth near the extraction site in the first 72 hours.

9. Some swelling of the face may occur due to extraction and may last for up to five or seven days and to overcome it, make cold compresses on the swollen place of the face.

10. Place the ice in a pad on the swollen place from the outside for 10 minutes then remove it 10 minutes and then prepare it 10 minutes and so on (repeat this process when needed within the first 24 hours after extraction and avoid warm or hot water).

The next day after extraction

1. In the first two days after tooth removal eating is on the second side of extraction and avoiding cruel eating.

2. The next day, bite with warm water, plus half a tablespoon of salt five times a day for five days, starting from the second day after tooth removal.

3. If you are in pain, you should take the residential treatment prescribed by your dentist.

4. If your doctor prescribes you an antibiotic after extraction, you should take treatment and complete the course even if the symptoms disappear. After a few days, you will feel better and you will be able to resume your normal activities. If you still bleed badly, feel pain, have swelling two or three days ago and the swelling doesn't go away, or if you have complications that you don't neglect, you should contact your dentist immediately or visit to do the necessary treatment.